“Nodula” digipack (CD) available on bandcamp

The physical digipack (CD) of our album “Nodula” is now also available at bandcamp for $10.
But you can of course still get it here as well:
CD @ Tiger: http://tinyurl.com/opa2blp (ships internationally)
CD @ Platekompaniet: http://tinyurl.com/jw8he5n (Norway only)

Video: Falling Through The Ocean

We are so happy and proud to present this great video of our song “Falling Through The Ocean”. Directed by Dorianne Wotton, performance by Elena Ramos. Enjoy!

New Remix by mNIPK

A Remix of our song Nodula III done by the techno/minimal duo mNIPK

NODULA – musicformessier remix

Our good friend musicformessier made this remix/rework of our album Nodula. We are truly happy and grateful for his work, and honored that he made a remix EP of our album. A big humble THANK YOU goes out to musicformessier!
Artwork by Robin Snasen Rengård.


Review on The CerebralRift

The CerebralRift:

“This is one of the best ambient / drone based works that I have heard in a long time. I chalk much of that up to Us As Effigies introducing improvisation and live performance into their pieces. They have a fresher, more spontaneous feeling than many of the drone works I’ve heard lately. I think this is a lesson that electronic artists can learn from: there is nothing that replaces live performance.” -George De Bruin/The CerebralRift

Read the full review here

Places to buy/stream our album Nodula

TheSirensSound review of the album “NODULA” by Us As Effigies

”  It’s all interlaced in the thickness of a repetitive motion, providing a sense of historical ambient that’s too often absent in ambient-drone releases these days. This one my friend is loaded with so many subtle patterns and high-end textures, even the most boring listener, will be left astounding. We got ourselves another winner here and its [ Us As Effigies ]. No Doubt. ” -Mog/ TheSirensSound

A nice review of our album. Read the full review here:


Interview with Zest.Today magazine

To our Italian friends: We did an interview with the Italian magazine Zest.Today a couple of days ago. You can read it here:
http://zest.today/musica/opinioni-musica/us-as-effigies-intervista-duo-drone-ambient-norvegese/You can also read it in english if you want:

English version:

XENOMORPH RECORDS: New Years Darkness compilation, is OUT now!

This great compilation is out now! We are very happy to be a part of it.


Happy New Year!

We want to thank you all for the support through 2014. We wish you all a Happy New Year! And we are looking forward to 2015. It will be a very exciting year for us, with some really cool collaborations with great artists like: Wolves And Horses, Exomène and Negative Spectrum. Some live shows and live audio-visual installations, a new album and maybe even we find the time to make a new EP with our other electronic project Nordafor. All the best! Cheers🙂


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